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About Us

Aksiontech was created by professionals active in the dental field since 1995. A key principle of the company is the reliability of its products and services. Following all these developments in the field of dentistry and always adapting to the increasing demands of the specialists, the people of Aksiontech are one step ahead with innovative and groundbreaking solutions.

Οne of the components of our success is the continuous education and information of our people, by educational institutions as well as by leading partners in the global market for dental products.

The company’s human resources are backed by acclaimed scientists from the broader field of Dentistry and Medicine, with the aim of guiding our clients properly, ranging from appropriate product selection to clinical application to patients.

At  Aksiontech we have installed and implemented a quality assurance system in accordance with international standard ISO 9001/2015. In that way and with continuous training of our employees in terms of quality assurance we have created the conditions  necessary for the absolute safety of our products.

Aksiontech is the exclusive agent of the French company Lyra ETK for Greece and Cyprus. Lyra ETK specializes in the field of dental implants offering comprehensive solutions in both surgical and prosthetic areas.

It is also one of the leading French high-tech manufacturing companies such as CAD / CAM systems. It is a company with over 25 years of clinical trials experience and presence in over 40 countries worldwide.